About Us

Now this is what you've all been waiting for! Everything about us! In 2005, the hotel you now know as Quality Inn Downtown 4th Avenue was purchased by our hospitality company - Princess Properties.

Princess Properties has been renovating and running hotels and other housing since 1984. We have always believed in providing safe, honest, ethical business practices that our guests, and employees, can rely on.

The Quality Inn was a large undertaking. To buy a derelict hotel, and bring it back to its former glory was going to take a lot of work. Our first year here we oversaw a complete floor to ceiling (Actually to roof) remodel. This was a multi-million dollar undertaking. Absolutely everything was stripped out down to the sheetrock on the walls, and rebuilt. Since this time we have done refresh and other remodel projects at a cost of about 1/2-million dollars per year additional cost. There is always something new going on!

We have been blessed with an awesome staff, many of our key people have been with us since shortly after the beginning. We have helped many people in difficult situations learn a trade, becoming contributing members of Spokane, and even excel to management positions in our company, or other hospitality companies. Many days you will see our owners helping with laundry, or picking up trash, or just visiting with our team.

Spokane has been great to us, and we have many loyal guests. We invite you to see why we are 'Hospitality Specialists' and to join our little family!